Keen Lady IV in Lewes Canal in photo by Lee Cannon published under creative commons license
Keen Lady IV in Lewes Canal: Photo by Lee Cannon

Sand, Surf, and History

Lewes Delaware is a great town to explore.  Lewes is located at the junction of the Delaware bay and Atlantic ocean so you can take young children to the bay for more protected fun or head to Cape Henlopen State Park to enjoy the Atlantic ocean.

History buffs will fall in love with Lewes. This is called the first town in the first state thanks to an early whaling settlement by the Dutch in 1631.  The settlement of Swanendael or Hoerenkill (later to become Lewes) became a permanent settlement in 1659.  The Dutch did not hold the settlement long. England took control in 1664 and held it continuously for all but one additional year of Dutch control in 1673 until the 13 colonies won their independence from the English crown in the American Revolution.  With its’ history pre-dating the American revolution, Lewes is home to many historic homes and embraces its’ past.

If you are a fan of chain restaurants and things you can find everywhere, Lewes is not for you.  There are lots of independent restaurants in town and many are accessible within a short walk of 2nd street, the main shopping area of town.  Restaurants and places to have a drink line both sides of the canal and are a great place for a meal to to meet up with friends on a nice day.  One of the great parts about Lewes for those who love independent hotels is that there really isn’t an option to stay in a name brand hotel.  This is truly a town where independents are the rule rather than the exception and you have some great choices to select from.

If you are a fan of the outdoors, Lewes is a great option.  There are dozens of professional captains to take you fishing in the ocean or bay.  If you prefer kayaking there are great options for excursions along the bay and inland waterways.  Cyclists will rejoice in the extensive bike trails available throughout the Cape region.

Lewes Independent Hotels

The Beacon Motel | Hotel Blue | Inn at Canal Square | Hotel Rodney | Dogfish Inn | Red Mill Inn