Surf at Rehoboth Beach by Michele Ursino published under creative commons license
Surf at Rehoboth Beach by Michele Ursino

Variety in One Square Mile

Downtown Rehoboth Beach Delaware is only about one square mile and does not have a major highway going through town.  If you enjoy an area that you can wander through and explore at your leisure, Rehoboth Beach might be an excellent option.  While there is vehicle traffic on the town streets, Rehoboth Beach is very walker and cyclist friendly.

You could choose to start your day with a walk down the one mile long boardwalk to catch the sunrise over the Atlantic ocean.  Walking the boardwalk is a very popular morning activity and you can find locals and visitors getting in some morning exercise before getting their day started almost every day of the year.  Later in the day, the boardwalk becomes a hub for beach goers and people browsing the many shops, amusements, and restaurants.

Once you get past the ocean, you can make your way to first and second block which are both home to multitudes of shops, hotels, residential homes, and restaurants.  Rehoboth Beach is very well known for its’ host of dining options and independent store fronts.  You can find everything from pizza at the competing icons of Grotto Pizza and Nicolas or go more eclectic and upscale to offbeat locations like Amuse.  Rehoboth is also the spiritual home of Dogfish Head brewery so for those of you who love a good microbrewery, you can visit the original restaurant where Dogfish Head got its’ start.  Dogfish Heads’ restaurant in Rehoboth is one of the locations they put experimental beers on tap to see if people like them so if you want to see what might come to a store near you, this is the place to try.

Rehoboth Beach is also blessed with two wonderful lakefront parks in addition to an oceanfront location.  If your family tires of the beach, they can walk to either Stockley Street or Lake Gerar park and check out some of the local wildlife.

Independent Beach Hotels Rehoboth

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